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Gus Malzahn


This animated GIF was created using a clip of Auburn head football coach, Gus Malzahn's, signature move. This GIF is of Coach Malzhan making the "BOOM" gesture, right after a huge play made by the Auburn football team. This GIF summarizes Malzhan as a coach. He loves when his players make big plays and isn't afraid to show it. Going to school at Auburn, you learn to love football if you don't already. Good thing it's my favorite sport..

I created my GIF,  using QuickTime Player to screen record the scene on Youtube. Next, I uploaded the screen recording to Adobe Photoshop. The scene was originally two minutes long. When I uploaded it to Adobe Photoshop, I cut the video down to the particular parts I wanted to use. Finally, I saved the video as a GIF file and embedded it into my website.