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This brochure was created for a Chicago travel agency called “Wander Travels.” I wanted to create a travel brochure, because my infographic was also on Chicago and wanted them to go together.  I started this project by choosing to design a three-fold brochure with two printable sides. 

Side 1, is the “outside” of the brochure. I labeled the third panel, which is the front page of the brochure, “Chicago: The Windy City.” The image in this panel is of a downtown Chicago street. This image grabbed my attention because of the sun setting behind the buildings. I chose this picture because Chicago is known for its downtown skyline. The middle panel, is the “back” of the brochure when folded. I chose to keep this panel simple with the Wander Travels contact information. The first panel shown, will be seen when you open the front page of the brochure. This panel explains that “Wander Travels” offers the most competitive and luxurious hotel stays, airfare and excursions in Chicago, Illinois.  

The colors I used for this brochure are dark red and light blue. The dark red gives the brochure a pop of color, while the light blue color complements the images. 

Side 2 is the “inside” of the brochure. Once the inside of this brochure is unfolded and revealed, a beautiful image of the Chicago skyline appears on the bottom of the middle and outer right panels. The first panel quotes, Hans Christian Andersen, “To Travel Is To Live.” I chose this quote because it goes perfectly with the front page and theme of the brochure, “Chicago: The Windy City.” The inside middle panel has a short summary titled, “Start exploring The Windy City.” The third outer panel has a short summary titled,” Easy Online Booking.” To view my full brochure, click the button link below.