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Case Study

Thank You, Mom

Procter & Gamble

Throughout my Public Relations Case Studies class, I was tasked with studying campaigns that organizations have created. In my class we talked about topics such as community relations, investor relations, consumer relations, media relations and crisis management. At the end of each chapter of our book, there were campaigns that were successful or failed. After class lectures and reading the book, it did not take me long to recognize based on the case study whether the organization was going to fail or be successful. Reading these case study examples allowed me, a future employee in public relations, to know what would be a good idea and what would not. At the end of the semester, we were assigned a group case study, which allowed us to put all of our knowledge from the class together. My group chose to analyze Procter and Gamble’s “Thank You, Mom” campaign. This campaign began in 2010 for the Vancouver Olympics and ran again for the 2016 Olympics. We figured that if a campaign was still successful six years later, we should look into what Procter and Gamble was doing. We began studying the entire campaign, but some parts of this study are specific to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

During our research, we studied the strategies, tactics and media coverage. We also covered the RACE model and SWOT analysis. Once we evaluated the campaign, it was clear to our group that Procter and Gamble was continuing successful tactics and getting rid of the less successful ones. After all of our research was completed, we gave our own evaluation and suggestions for this campaign. It seems that the “Thank You, Mom” campaign has improved year after year. This campaign has successfully brought together all of Procter and Gamble’s brands.