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I used Canva to create my infographic on the top six reasons to visit Chicago, Illinois. From the architecture to the arts, the food to the live music, the beaches to the night life, this infographic proves that Chicago has it all.

This city guide will teach you that Chicago has a population of 2,722,389 people and that Rahm Emanuel is the mayor. In this infographic, not only will you learn the top reasons to visit Chicago, but fun facts as well. Two of the fun facts I included are, four states are visible from the top of the Willis Tower: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconson, and that an average of 35 million visitors and tourists flock to Chicago every year.

The colors I used for the background of my infographic are different shades of blue, white and grey. The images I used at the bottom of my infographic, were to highlight the fun facts about Chicago.